Swedish pick-up shoes

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Artillerigatan 49, Östermalm, Stockholm. Jun 2014.

Artillerigatan 49, Östermalm, Stockholm. Jun 2014.

While I spent a few days in Sweden’s capital in early June, the city languishing in the sun, I noticed quite a number of abandoned shoes in Stockholm’s streets, some of them neatly arranged in pairs, more often though a single one on its own, some of them in the most unlikely places, tied to a window grate or footwear slung into a tree top swinging high, some in plain view,

some seemingly set aside just for a bare moment, some having turned over time into a token or rather a faded landmark, a single kid’s green sneaker here, a svelte sandal airing its heel there, each one an unfolding tale or witness to such. It made me wonder about the many reasons to leave behind a shoe or two in the public space…

For measurement, as manifest lagom? Are they to be picked-up eventually? Are they kind gifts for a stranger, charity, or just cheerfully redundant and spotty? A postmodernist wink and nod to contemporary whims? Is the typical Stockholmer a perpetual traveller on the move, his resolve a steadfastness on the go, is he a city slacker? Jag vet inte. – Thanks for your visit!